Titanium my firsts applications

Publié le 22/03/2010

For my first post in english, and please accept apologies for the mistakes, I will show you some of tests I did with Titanium. The first could be seen in the following video. It is a simple multi chanels music sequencer made with 300 code lines. The second could be find on Android Market. It’s named “Album cover finder” (or “Pochette d’album” in french)

So let’s take a look on my first application. Don’t pay attention of cracks and latency. They had to the screencast but not during normal operation.

Multi Channels sequencer made with Titanium from Patrice FERLET on Vimeo.

It very nice to have develop this only with Javascript (ECMA standard). I always said that Javascript is powerfull and productive. Appcelerator think so and uses the power of Webkit, Javascript, add their API to the plateform and we can now develop for every OS (Linux, Mac and Windows in fact).

The idea is very simple: you can develop “as a web page” your application using Titanium API. This API adds system specific access (open files, directory, run commands, open a web server…). You can use you favorite javascript framework (Mootools, JQuery, Ext-JS…). Titanium generates a bundle binary (or network installation package) for every plateform you want to. Binary is in fact a window that include a webkit and Titanium API inside.

For mobile it different: Titanium API is used with JS jar included in specific target (Iphone and Android for now, soo Blackberry and IPad). But the idea is the same: code once, use everywhere !

So, I’m still testing Titanium to find limits and possibilities. I will show you some tutorials as soon as I can.

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